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This Program has been discontinued
How it works:
1.  You will be issued a TRP Number that both you and your students can use. When ordering through our call center or in one of our stores, simply give your code. A Special Note To Our Website Users: Please use our website's search box to locate and add your TRP Number as an item to your cart. This will ensure you receive points for your order.
2.  You will earn one point for every dollar of qualifying DANIEL SMITH brand products you or your students purchase using your TRP Number. See Terms and Conditions for product eligibility and all other rules and regulations pertaining to the Teacher Referral Program.
3.  Once per month a $100 gift certificate will be issued in your name for each 1000 points you have accrued. The points will be deducted from your account and any remaining balance carried forward.
4.  Special Bonus Point Offers
  a. When you enter the program we will start you out with 100 free referral credits automatically.
  b. When a customer uses your TRP Number within 30 days of your completed registration in making a purchase (qualifying DANIEL SMITH Brand Product Only), we will award you 50 bonus points per purchasing customer. The 50 bonus points are limited to the first transaction for each customer only.
  c. For each Instructor that joins the Teacher Referral Program within 30 days (from the date of your registration) and references your TRP Number as the person that referred them we will award you 100 bonus points.
We know you will see the value in this program. Everyone Wins! Your students get the finest materials and you receive valuable product credit (some teachers are using these to expand their classroom equipment and supplies).