Smalt Genuine

A fascinating historic blue that was popular from the Egyptian dynasties through the Renaissance. The pigment is a finely ground potassium glass, colored blue by cobalt oxide. The name comes from the mineral Smaltite, primary source of the cobalt component in medieval Europe. Since Smalt is a glass, it's beautifully transparent. Grayer than Cobalt Blue, and with lower hiding power, it's great for skies and for glazing over strong colors to cool them down. Smalt Genuine holds its hue even when mixed with large quantities of water, and also mixes cleanly with other colors.

  • ASTM Lightfastness Rating:
  • Transparency:
  • Staining:
  • Granulating:
  • Color Index:
(1) 15ml Tube

Complimentary color is:

German Greenish Raw Umber

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