Quinacridone Deep Gold

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors. We make over 200 different colors, with more in the works. The range of possibilities they provide is unparalleled, from our amazing selection of natural earth and PrimaTek Colors to the Quinacridones - the brightest, boldest colors modern technology can offer. Carefully selected pigments, ground to optimize their specific qualities, are blended with the finest imported Gum Arabic, put in tubes and labeled by hand.

Transparency and intensity are the hallmarks of our reknowned Quinacridone colors. Quinacridone Deep Gold is more orange than Quinacridone Gold, and more yellow than Quinacridone Burnt Orange. It's an incredibly ruddy golden-orange, a vibrant and exciting alternative to Burnt Sienna.

(1) Tube, Series 2, Quinacridone Deep Gold, 15 ml

  • ASTM Lightfastness Rating:
  • Transparency:
  • Staining:
  • Granulating:
  • Color Index:
(1) 15ml Tube

Complimentary color is:

Verditer Blue

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