Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine

A unique and vibrant blue, it comes from the slumbering Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Arizona where we found a deposit that lives up to the quality and expectations of Daniel Smith pigment. Lightfast and permanent, with none of the transient color fade that plagues most turquiose, this is truly an extraordinary color.

From Egyptian queens to Pueblo artisans, turquoise has inspired legends and colored history. The Zuni thought it protected them from demons, while the Navajo believed it was an actual piece of the sky that had fallen to the earth. Many cultures thought an amulet wore on a horse's bridle protected the horse and rider from a fall. The legends are many. The magic is yours to own.

As a mineral, turquoise has a unique molecular structure. Its porous nature encourages interaction with other pigments and produces granular washes like no other paint. From the very first test, artists feel its powers. Juicy washes flow easily from the brush, while drybrush work has the intense texture found only in a mineral pigment. Washed alongside a warm, staining pigment, it is almost three-dimensional. While traditional mineral pigments can have a soft, muted feel, the unique properties of Daniel Smith Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine give it true brilliance. It's like capturing pieces of the sky right on your paper.

There are many grades of turquoise on the market. Our grade, the highest grade, is found closest to the earth's surface, where environmental factors have enhanced the structure to gemstone quality and deepened the tonal richness to a remarkable blue. Daniel Smith uses only this finest gem grade to produce Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine. The result is enchanting.

Historic references of Turquoise date back as far as Egypt's first dynasty, while implied references can be found in biblical passages as well as in the teachings of Aristotle. Prehistoric nations left evidence that Turquoise was mined and traded extensively. Turquoise from the American Southwest has been unearthed in Aztec ruins. Across the world, Persian turquoise used as trading currency has appeared in ancient burial sites hundreds of miles away.

The mystic beauty of turquoise has been felt by every culture and its use has crossed national and cultural boundaries. Paint with Daniel Smith Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine and catch a piece of its rich and colorful history for yourself. Prepare to be captivated.

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(1) 15ml Tube

Complimentary color is:

Venetian Red

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